Our Vision


The Vision

First Paths, Inc, is dedicated to offering individuals that are developmentally disabled the support needed to live in the community and maintain a full, productive, life with dignity.

Our Commitment

It is our commitment to ensure that the individuals we serve achieve and succeed in life. We do this by partnering with the Day Program, community and business partners, community leaders, state and local affiliations, and all personnel dedicated to our mission and our goals. It is further our commitment to provide the needed resources and opportunities to support the growth of each individual served and, to support their desire to prosper, achieve and become successful.

Commitment to Success

First Paths, Inc. is happy to provide services which meet to the needs of individuals with disabilities in the community. Our decision to provide these services is based on years of commitment to this population and upon academic achievements acquired in the field of developmental disabilities. Our team of professionals are experienced, dedicated, and continuously display their concern, compassion and dedication to each individual served. We are committed to promoting ethics and quality standards of successful achievement in this field.

First Paths, Inc. employs qualified staffs who are able to provide a multitude of experiences for our individuals. Our staff exhibit professionalism and are passionate about helping our individuals achieve their desired potential. First Paths, Inc. maintains compliance and adherence to DBHDD standards. Our staff members maintain all required certifications and training. First Paths, Inc. also offers quarterly In-service trainings and/or workshops to achieve best practices performances.


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